Frequently asked questions about our recording studios:

1. What is the typical recording process?

There’s no typical process – recording depends on your needs, but we will always help you to get the best from your recording time. Check out our session guide (below) and our testimonials to find out what you could expect.

2. How much time should we book for our project?

This is difficult to say, as every project is unique. We have established some general guidelines (below) that we can usually work to, but it’s always best to speak to us beforehand so that we can provide more accurate timings based on your needs.

General guidelines:

  • Live bands should be able to complete 2 tracks in an 8-hour session.
  • Singer-songwriters working on one song from scratch will need at least an 8-hour session.
  • Vocalists/Rappers with their own backing tracks will take about 2 hours for one track or in an 8-hour session can complete between 3 -6 tracks.

These estimates include recording, editing, mixing and burning to CD.

3. What do I need to bring to the recording session?

Bands should bring their guitars, drums, amps, spare strings, tuners, plectrums, effect pedals, etc. Vocalist should bring lyric sheets (and an extra copy for your producer is always very useful!). We should have everything else you might need but please do check with us beforehand.

4. Can we bring in our own producer/engineer/audio director/voice actor?

Yes. You’re more than welcome to bring your own producer, engineer, audio director or voice actor for your recording, but our in-house engineers will take responsibility for engineering duties during your session.

5. Can you cast vocalists, session musicians or voice actors for my recording?

Yes. We have a book of talented vocalists, voice actors and session musicians and we also offer a free casting service for projects recorded at flukeproductions. We can locate the right talent for your style and budget.

6. Can your producers compose backing tracks or program beats/drums for my song?

Yes. We have a team of composers and sound designers who can produce tracks to fit your requirements.

7. Do we have to pay extra for an engineer?

No. Our rates include the cost of an engineer as well as the studio hire for your session.

8. What payment methods do you accept?

For online bookings, we accept credit/debit cards or pay pal payments; at the studio we accept cheques and cash.

9. What are your payment terms?

We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking; the balance is due upon completion of your session.

10. What if my session runs over the booked time?

You will have the option of booking more time at a later date or, at the discretion of the engineer, of continuing your session at the normal hourly rate.

11. What are your opening hours?

Most studio sessions run 10am till 6pm. However, we can be generally flexible to your needs between the hours of 9am and 10pm.

12. Is the studio open at the weekends?

Yes. We are open at the weekends, but please bear in mind that weekend sessions are very popular, so you may have to wait longer to get a booking.

13. Can we come and view the studio before booking in?

Of course – just call to arrange a viewing.

14. Can I re-schedule my booked session?

There is generally no problem is re-scheduling booked sessions. We ask that you give us notice of cancellation at least 3 days before the booked session, otherwise we will unfortunately have to charge you for the session. Please contact us to see if the new dates you want are available.

15. Can I cancel my session?

You may cancel your booking, as long as you do so at least 72 hours/3 working days before your booking date, otherwise you will regrettably still be charged the full rate for the booking.

16. How will my completed recordings be supplied?

We can supply audio in a range of audio formats (MP3, WAV, AIF, Logic Session files etc) on CD, DVD, Flash disk or external hard drive.