Central / East London Recording Studio – Music Services

At flukeproductions, we cater for all types of recording artists at our recording studio in London. Whether you are a band or a solo artist we are here to help you record your music to show your voice and instruments off to their very best.

We can also undertake remote projects and provide other services such as vocal coaching. Our experienced producer is on hand to help you get the most out of your studio time. Find out more about our recording studio services below. For more info call us on 02072 549019 or click to Book.

Recording Bands

You’ve written the songs, now do them justice and get them professionally
recorded. We’ve worked with artists in every genre, from Indie, RnB and Pop to Jazz and Classical, delivering shining production without exception. When they know they can get great results at competitive rates, it’s no surprise 90% of our clients come back.

Recording Solo Artists

The Fluke Productions producer is trained to listen attentively and help you to develop and enhance your vocals. The chilled surroundings and expert support helps artists to relax and perform, ensuring that you give your best performance on the day.

Music Production

Got the melody and lyric, and need a backing track? We can create backing tracks and beats, both original and covers, to suit your style. Tracks are produced using our digital equipment to create contemporary sound, and can be remixed for radio.

Mixing & Mastering

During mastering, the final stereo mix is processed to even out the highs and lows, boost the overall volume, and make it sound more consistent across different formats and playback systems.

Remote Projects

flukeproductions can undertake projects without you needing to attend the studio. It could be a mixing or mastering project or even a project producing a song or track from scratch. Also if you are working on your own home set up, perhaps recording vocals we can give advice and guidance on recording techniques to get the best out of it.



Remixing your tracks helps you to reach a new audience. Our producer remixes for
radio, clubs and live performance, giving you musical versatility at a surprisingly low cost.