Gear and Equipment

The Fluke Productions Studio

A comfortable place with a spacious live area and plenty of light, our chilled setting helps artists to relax and enjoy their day. The flukeproductions studio is airy and naturally lit – we’ve even got a patio garden for breaks on sunny days.

Latest gear

Our kit is continuously updated, so please call for latest editions or if you need something in particular.

Here’s a selection of our current equipment:


  • Twin Mac Intel Quad-Core running Logic Pro
  • MOTU 828


  • TLA5021
  • Access Virus
  • Ensonique MR Rack
  • Guitar Pod XT
  • Peavey Pro
  • Novation ReMOTE 25 SL Compact Controller Keyboard


  • Oktava MK 219
  • ATA 4060
  • AKG 414BLX
  • AKG solid tube
  • AKG Drum mike set
  • Behringer C 2s (matched pair)


  • Celestion Ditton 44s
  • Yamaha HS 50
  • Tannoy Reveal
  • Mackie1402
  • Samson Servo 260
  • Peavey Guitar and Bass amps


  • Tascam DA20


  • 1970s Ludwig Drum Kit
  • Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals
  • Gibson, Fender, Simon & Patrick Luthier, Raimmundo guitars
  • Yamaha P100 electronic keyboard