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Warren Fitzgerald – Singer/Songwriter

If you’re impressed by gold discs on the wall, big leather couches and shagpile, then don’t go to flukeproductions.
However, if you want a great sound in minutes, an easy going engineer/producer, who is always one step ahead, working fast to help you get the most from your time in the studio, able to turn the sketchiest idea into a song with his multi-instrumental/programming talent, a relaxed atmosphere and state of the art music software….then go to flukeproductions. And it still has some of the cheapest studio rates in London.

Noors –  Singer/Songwriter

Fluke is a great dude to work with. His ears are like glue they stick to everything. He is able to work on or create most genres of music, you name it he can probably do it. He’s one of those rising talents, a serious producer, I personally think a heavy weight in the UK. Give him a try and see.

Kareene – Singer/Songwriter

I started recording some songs for my album with flukeproductions in 2008. The producer Luke has been a real joy to work with, and it has been a great experience for me. At flukeproductions they give advice on arrangements, melodies and assistance with getting your material to its best and highest potential (within the time constraints). Luke’s all round creative gifts, with his skills for engineering, programming drums, guitar playing (electric and acoustic) and piano playing across different genres, makes recording there a good choice. Luke the producer is full of ideas and enthusiasm and support. He positively gives direction and encouragement every step of the way. I would recommend flukeproductions to any aspiring artist.

Flow Tight – UK Hip Hop Artist

I have recorded at Fluke Productions many times, each time i have been pleased with the finished songs. The studio is in a good central location with good transport links, although free parking is limited. Luke of flukeproductions is both studio engineer & producer – my experience is of him being friendly, professional & technically proficient (he knows his way around a studio). I would recommend this studio to those who need original production & good recording facilities.

The Indie Soul Movement – Band

Mutch Katsonga lead singer and main songwriting force behind The Indie Soul Movement had this to say:
“flukeproductions is such a significant part of The Indie Soul Movement’s formative years. The outstanding production quality and tireless dedication and professionalism of Luke Henderson were instrumental in getting our early demos noticed. Anytime I’m in London flukeproductions is always my recording studio of choice.”

Mariel Grande – Singer/Songwriter

I am naturally a very demanding person and I worked with quite a few different producers and studios. But flukeproductions ticked all the boxes. I found here everything I needed – good quality, affordable prices plus excellent customer service. But most of all I found a producer who actually listens to your ideas without trying to alter them. I recorded a full album at flukeproductions and there isn’t one song I am not happy with. I would definitely recommend this studio to any singer/songwriter wanting to record their songs.

Richard Bean – Singer/Songwriter

Working with Luke for the past two years at flukeproductions has been the experience of a lifetime.
Being a singer and songwriter, i did not know what it took to produce my own songs but thanks to Luke’s understanding and taking the time to listen as well as teach, i feel i have grown so much in music.
At flukeproductions i was given the chance to explore the many different ways of putting a track together and giving it the sound that would stand up to anything that you may hear on the radio. Thank you for bringing my music to life, For this i will be forever grateful.

Solving – RnB Artist

I have recorded 2 albums at this wonderful studio. Its great because Luke does an excellent job producing the sound you are looking for. He can also help play many instruments and is superb at at all types of guitar styles from wawa to funk to rhythm. He is also listens to what sound you are looking for and is really good at getting your best vocal. He offers a great service.
“A professional sound at a price that does not rock the boat or the bank balance!”

Dana Thompson – RnB Artist

Working with Luke for the past two years at flukeproductions has been the experience of a lifetime.
Being a singer and songwriter, i did not know what it took to produce my own songs but thanks to Luke’s understanding and taking the time to listen as well as teach, i feel i have grown so much in music.
At flukeproductions i was given the chance to explore the many different ways of putting a track together and giving it the sound that would stand up to anything that you may hear on the radio. Thank you for bringing my music to life, For this i will be forever grateful.

BFS image
The Boy From Space – Pop/Rock/Electronica Band

Luke has the skills to transform whatever the music sounds like in your head into reality. It’s such a relaxed environment that you never feel embarrassed about the music you want to do and his skills have got us a number of deals with different record companies. We’d never go anywhere else to record.

Lyn E Lyn – Zum Music Management (Richard Emberstone)

When I first spoke to Luke at Fluke recordings on the phone I already got an instant positive vibe from him, so I knew thats where I wanted to bring my artiste to record. We worked with Luke for a few months and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the studio and found Luke easy to work with because he understood how we wanted to sound. As an engineer I thought Luke was sharp on the ball and even contributed with his ideas and guitar playing skills.It was a great experience and one that will be repeated again also it is definately value for money. If you are looking for a professional environment, state of the art studio sounds and an engineer with an ear for good quality music then look no further than Fluke productions.

Shyma Sivalingam – EDM/Trance Artist

Luke is a terrific producer and is very easy to work with. He has been able to bring to life the song ideas that I have had in my mind. And whilst he is able to add to and embellish my ideas, the songs remain my vision and remain true to my style and sound. Luke is also very patient and this has been demonstrated in all the times that I have wanted to scrutinize even the smallest details. I never feel rushed with Luke but at the same time we get lots done in each session. Luke has a relaxed presence and this helps me to give my best performance in the studio.


Sean RW 8746

Sean Ryder Wolf – Vocalist

I was just starting out as a singer and I had done a few local gigs, which had been successful, but I realized that in order to take things to the next
level I needed to get represented by booking agents which look after singers for functions and events- So I needed to get a strong demo which would stand out, and importantly give me the chance to get work in this ultra competitive industry. After doing some research on the internet, I found that Fluke productions seemed ideal for me. I was impressed
how straight forward the website was, and the prices were also very reasonable. They were very helpful on the phone and seemed very accommodating towards what I wanted to achieve.

I worked with Luke Henderson their main producer, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Luke is incredibly talented at what he does. He is very friendly and laid back as well, and has an excellent ear for music, knows how to mix the songs in my opinion perfectly. He gives
important advice at the same time on my singing which was of course very important part of making the demo.

After I recorded the demo, I sent it off to the top booking agencies-and the response was fantastic, they were all impressed with my voice and with the quality of the tracks and I got taken on immediately.

I have now managed to become a professional singer, and every week since gaining representation, I have had work. I couldn’t thank fluke productions enough for making such an excellent demo-these are still the demos that I use now to get me work! If you are looking to record a demo, I
recommend you to go with fluke productions hands down. My life has changed, and I do owe a big part of to the team at Fluke. Thanks again.

Boog – Pop Rock Band

A creative producer, up for most things, and won’t accept substandard performances from vocalists. A fun, relaxed studio – give Luke a go!

Michael Thomas – Singer/Songwriter

I am a singer/songwriter/artist, and have know luke for some years now.
He has done all the music for all the songs that i have written, and he certainly is a very talented man.
I have just had an album released, due to his fine work!
I have no hesitation in giving him the recognition he deserves, as he is not only a gifted musician, but runs his recording studio equally as well.

Japadollar 2
Japadollar – HipHop Artist

Fluke productions is a great place to be for any serious artist looking to take the music to the next level. The recording studio gives you a home like comfort plus the engineer Luke Henderson is very experienced, talented and very friendly. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work!

Farah 4
Farah – Vocalist

Hey Luke! Thanks so much for the awesome job you did..I am looking forward to working with ya again in Autumn

artist_kidd square 4
Kidd – Hip Hop Artist

A fifteen year old from east london, he first approached fluke productions recording studio through a family friend. Straight away you could feel a vybe!
Kidd started to rap his hook “what u got”. Luke was straight there with a deep bass line. The rest of the instrumental came together in the next 10 minutes leaving time for a quick arrangement and plenty of time for the vocals (these always take more time than you think).
“We recorded the hook separately first” says Luke, “multitracked it and then got to work on the verses.”
“When recording a sung vocal it is easy to break up the song/verse recording a few lines at a time.”
“But this seems more of a challenge with a rap vocal so we recorded it all in one.”
And after just a few takes they had one both kidd and luke were happy with. Kidd was very happy with the finished track and returned to record three more.

Rebequita – Singer/Songwriter

Rebequita has been writing songs for some years. She wasn’t sure exactly what style of song she should go for but when she heard what flukeproductions had done for other people she had just the song!
She started by singing the whole song for Luke while he listened tentatively. Luke asked her to sing the chorus section a few times while he tried some chords out on the acoustic guitar.
A few minutes later they had it – and they moved onto the verse before finally linking the two sections together with a bridge.
At this point it was clear that the song would be mainly acoustic guitar with perhaps some simple programming and possibly some strings. So the acoustic guitar part Luke had been playing was recorded. Then while playing this back he messed around recording some other parts to spice it up. Next some simple drum programming was added and also a string part.
When Rebequita came to do the vocals she had had some ideas that weren’t quite working. However with some guidance from Luke she found the ones that were, and in the end keeping it simple was the answer!

Where’s my groupie – Blues Band

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day on Saturday. I found myself in a recording studio for the first time in my life. Starting at just after ten o’clock in the morning and finishing at roughly six o’clock Angela and I managed to record three of our own songs.
Compared with putting a band in the studio I guess it was all quite straightforward with just the vocals and acoustic guitar to record.
We started off by recording a guide track. To do this Luke selected a drum beat to help me keep time. I then played over the top and Angela added a vocal line. For step two Luke removed the guitar line so I was able to play along with the drum beat and vocal line. Luke gives you three takes, plus any small overdub areas you need. From the three tracks Luke then makes a single guitar track. Step three saw Angela singing over the guitar track.
As with the guitar three versions of the vocal track are taken. Again Luke then makes a single “best of” vocal track. This is then added to the guitar track and it is a case of job done.
By lunchtime I had recorded two guitar tracks. In the afternoon Angela added the vocal tracks. Once they were mixed all that was left to do was burn them to a CD. It was a very good day’s work and money very well spent. I look forward to going back and recording two or three more songs in the autumn.
I would happily recommend Fluke Productions if you are looking for some good value for money recording.